Necessity to Create Hotel Construction Movement in Iran
The best way of compensating the shortage of hotels in the country is to create "hotel construction movement", Tourism Holding CEO of Social Security Organization believes. He said: “negotiation with Great hotel construction companies of the world is the best solution for shortage of hotels in Iran; to this end, discussions with such companies have been made.”
Besides explaining the process of building and reconstruction of several hotels at different cities in a meeting were held with one of the largest architectural companies of Portugal on Tuesday, June 28th at the tourism holding Hall of Social Security Organization, Dr. Gholam Heydar Ebrahimbay Salami stated: "Due to the urgent need to have 700 hotels of four and five stars in big cities of Iran, unfortunately hasn’t been broadly built hotels in the past 40 years; thus, tourists' demands for coming Iran would not been met.” By emphasizing the motto of "100 hotel projects, 100 businesses"; He also pointed to the Governors support in preparing initial basis for these projects and expressed hope that a large number of construction projects, especially in major and profitable cities will be started soon.
Director of largest travel and tourism holding company of Iran which has seven sub-massive complexes, announced that negotiations were made with great and prominent companies around the world in the field of construction and reconstruction of hotels. He also added signing memorandums of understanding have been at the final stages with some of these companies and they are in consultation stage with a number of several other companies to sign a memorandum of cooperation, too.  
Regards to Ebrahimbay Salami statements, construction of hotels with particular architectural characteristics which shall to be fit different areas of the country are of other programs of Tourism Holdings with foreign parties to use original and traditional architectures for construction of the hotels in each city. 

Source :  Hegta    2016/7/5 08:34

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