In the design of one hundred hotels - one hundred businesses emphasize sustainable development

 5th banking and business forum iran and Europe was held on Thursday 16 november in frankfort Germany

Dr salami in his speech noted that With the transformation in the structure of production and services in the world economy And the need to get rid of the traditional economy and the rentier reliant on exporting crude oil also a shortage of water resources in IranThe use of new approaches, such as tourism and hospitality, is essential

Dr salami pointed out that The history of hotel construction in Iran goes back to construction of  1000  caravansaries in the Shah Abbas Safavid era in the 17th century and Construction of  200  hotels in  1970-78  in Iran and also Iran has historical and cultural attraction and in fact is a country museum, so the demand for visiting has been increased

     Rising demand to visit Iran, especially world’s best-known museum-cities such as Isfahan, Shiraz, Mashhad, Hamedan and Yazd  Due to accommodation  establishments shortage in Iran there is a need for constructing  770  new three to five-star hotels

    Iran ranked  116  among 136 countries in the world in terms of accommodation establishments per every 100 inhabitants; while United Arab Emirates ranked 42, Turkey 64, Saudi Arabia 28 and Malaysia 35

    The main strategy for investment in this plan is by defining joint projects (JV) with foreign counterparts for establishing co-branding as well as Iranian brands with a win-win approach

    The statement of the plan is designated in 40 axioms which defines its knowledge, approaches, plans and management strategies

    Foreign real or legal persons can own properties and establish companies in Iran and they face no problem transferring their share and the benefit from it whenever they are willing to, in accordance with the Iran business regulations
  In addition to the Social Security Organization (SSO), this plan enjoys the full support of other organizations such as Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization (ICHTO), Ministry of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare (MCLS), Social Security Investment Company (SSIC), Economic and Technical Assistance of Islamic Republic of Iran  OIETAI 
   2017/11/18 14:14

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