Hundreds Of Hotel Project Is A Rare Opportunity
Manifesto "One Hundred Hotels - One hundred businesses' as defined in 40 articles, represents a new philosophy of economic and tourism in Iran, PROGER managers said.
In a meeting that was held on Saturday Oct.15 at Tourism Holding of Tamin Ejtemai (HEGTA), Executives of HEGTA and PROGER introduced their companies and colleagues and negotiate on collaboration between two companies.
Managing director of HEGTA explained assets, domains and economic benefits of Social Security as the largest non-state sector.
Not only do we consider partnership to build 100 hotels in Iran, but also on creating new attractions and architectural elements based on Iranian-Islamic culture, Ebrahimbay Salami emphasized.
He also noted that: Iran's market is profitable for foreigners to invest and plan for tourism and hotel construction.
Top projects will be introduced to those companies that make firm decisions to enter and participate in Iran's markets sooner than the others, managing director of HEGTA said.
In the following, Chief Executive of PROGER introduced the company's activities as well as his colleagues.
He also noted the projects which have been done or controlled by PROGER.

Source :  HEGTA    2016/10/16 10:52

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