Investment Package of 100 Hotels - 100 Businesses
On the prospects of development of tourism and hotel industry in Iran and by the presence of high-ranking officials, the conference will be held on October, 2, 2016, Gholam Heidar Ebrahimbay Salami, Executive Secretary of International Conference on Investment in tourism industry with the approach of resistance economy speaking in the press conference.

In addition to famous corporate hotel industry and internal construction companies, about sixty foreign companies and holdings that are active in the field will attend on the conference. It is predicted than more companies from different countries are ready to come to the conference, he added.

Developing tourism industry in the country requires increasing residential places; so, increasing tourism products needs to develop its industry. Having residential places and convenient hotels is one of the most important things in the world tourism industry. Executive Secretary of the Conference stated.

Ebrahimbay Salami also expressed that the hotel industry has been in recession in Iran over the past 40 years. It’s been ignored, respectively. Only 110 hotels of 4 and 5 stars are active in the country which they are not at level of international hotels based on global standards.

Holding the Conference by the presence of investors and activists in the field of tourism and hotel industry from different countries is a fortune to develop the industry in Iran.

Investment package is prepared in collaboration with experts, governors, mayors and managers of cultural heritage in the Provinces based on the latest studies and evaluations. 100 hotels, one hundred businesses project will be unveiled at the conference.

The package that is specially developed based on detailed studies will offer to the investors and activists in tourism and hotel industry at the conference, Ebrahimbay Salami added.

International Investment Conference in the tourism industry will be hold at the International Conference Hall of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Tehran Homa Hotel on 2 and 3 October 2016.

So far, three French companies including Accor, Buick and Vince have expressed their readiness to participate in the conference.
Source :  Hegta    2016/9/21 11:15

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