Tourism At The Time Of Prudence And Hope
After the victory of Rouhani’s Administration (which is known as the government of prudence and hope) in presidential election and especially during the
agreement of the Islamic Republic of Iran with 5 + 1 and abolition of unfair sanctions, coming of foreign tourists to the country has considerably accelerated. A great number of tourists from different countries travel to Iran in order to visit historical and cultural monuments as well as natural attractions.

It is also, domestic tourism has been changed. The same process is also evident in the field of cultural heritage and crafts; hence, they are also affected by the growth of tourism and experienced positive developments. Statistics indicate that the number of foreign tourists coming Iran has increased too. Generally, growth of coming tourism to Iran is reached to the average of 10 percent over the last three years which is twice the global index.

Iran's presence has become stronger in international exhibitions and tourism events. Doors of interaction and dialogue have been opened with various countries. Lots of practical and administrative memorandum of cooperation in the field of tourism is signed with dozens of countries. Tourism Joint Technical Committees are formed with other countries by the aim of facilitating the entrance of foreign tourists to the country. Investors, who looked economic and political space of Iran suspiciously, today are eagerly announcing their readiness for investment in tourism projects.

Hotels which even in the best periods of travel time couldn’t full all rooms are going to reserve for the next year by foreign tourists. These are real examples of improvement in the tourism sector. Development of tourism infrastructure, facilitating issuance of visa, increasing the duration of airport visa to 3 months, building 4 and 5 star hotels, organizing and modernization of aviation network due to unjust sanctions faced huge problems would be mentioned among the most important measures in order to develop tourism sector.

Training of human resources for tourism sector is among those planning that are compiled and running for a 10-year-term. Based on the outlook horizon of 20 years development document, Iran has to be hosted by 20 million tourists in 2025; a process that has already begun promises more than this figures. Lots of plans are predicted for the development of tourism in Rouhani's Administration. In this program, development of relations with neighbouring countries is considered as an important issue. Thus, working engagements in the forms of negotiations, agreements and documents have been signed with neighbouring and regional countries and also some Western countries in the past two years.

If could only mention some statistical indicators in the field of tourism, it shall be said that an investment proposal which contains 1500 projects with a credit of 30 billion Dollars in various sectors associated with tourism are going to ready for the sphere of after sanctions; however, some parts are already running. Following contacts with the largest holdings of the world, we have announced our readiness to accept foreign investments in the tourism sector. Many companies responded positively to these calls in a short time in order to build hotels in the country. Foreign investors are considerably interested in investing in tourist facilities, especially hotel constructions and hotel management in Iran. In this regard, it can be mention the Giant Hotel Construction Company of France (Accor) that recently signed a hotel management contract with Iran.

Since the beginning of Hotel Construction Industry till 2013 about 125 Hotels of Four and Five Stars have been constructed in Iran; however, during the last three years 34 hotels of four and five stars are constructed and going to be finished by the help and support of Private and Governmental sectors. Domestic private sector with all his abilities and confidence is come for investment in this field that are having to plan for the construction and operation of 170 hotels of four and five stars until five future.

Currently 820 projects are under construction by private sector that has 10 and 90 percent physical progress. On the issue of employment, the proposal of job creation using capacities of three parts of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism was prepared for submission to the Government and the Supreme Council. By applying such plan and the capacity of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism, The organization could considerable and effective help the Government with regard to economic sectors and in particular to solve the economic problems, welfare and employment issues. It would create nearly one hundred and forty thousand jobs in two years. 
   2016/9/3 08:14

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