No Intervention AndTransgresses In Social Security Organization
The Government of Hope and Plan has a clear and transparent function and in the light of governments' policies and actions, there is no intervention and transgresses (intervention outside the rules and regulations) in Social Security organization and its sub-branches, Director of Social Security organization said.
In a Congress about “Social Security Organization works’ in the Government of Hope and Plan, Social Security from another viewpoint”, Dr. Seyyed Taghi Noorbakhsh stated: In the last three years, we have seen the grace of God in Social Security Organization and with powerful determination of managers and the staff, a very good interaction has been established with all social partners, insured persons, pensioners and employers,  HEGTA reported based on Social Security Organization, Office of Public Relations.  
He said: On the eve of 15 July, Social Security Day, I thank the honourable and noble pensioners of Social Security Organization because of their patience and empathy that is the best backbone for encourage authorities in providing better services.
Dr. Noorbakhsh stated: I thank the capable and hardworking employers and entrepreneurs of the Organization that at the all times were serviced to their clients whether in times of economic boom or recession, in happiness or unhappiness, with timely premium payments and meeting their commitments for social welfare.
Proudly expressed my appreciation for honorable and patient community of organizations’ insured persons; hardworking people who devoted their knowledge, skills, lives in the path of economic, social and cultural development of Iran, he added.
CEO of Social Security Organization believes that social welfare is a common right of people and said: An important part of this right can be achieved in light of society productive forces' efforts, promotion of national incomes and ultimately reproduces wealth fairly through social services.
I appreciated the work of energetic and enthusiastic fellows in the Social Security Organization, too. If there weren't noble, sincere and thoughtful efforts of such patient and gentle managers and employees, it was not possible providing such a volume of services for social partners, Dr. Noorbakhsh also stated.
Me, as a member among these partners, who elected for the first time as CEO of this Organization really appreciate the sincere sympathy and compassionate cooperation of hard-working employees in various sectors of insurance, health, economic and other staff around the country.
Referring to Strategic Planning for Social Security, the organization's five-year strategic plan which has been drafted and approved for the first time, issues such as program orientation, integrity and honesty, justice, specialization, foresight, continuous improvements as fundamental values of the organization are considered in this plan, Dr. Noorbakhsh expressed.
The strategic plan emphasizes the fact that a social insurance organization with a general and non-governmental nature only by relying on internal resources and expenditure management with making reasonable balance between the interests of inputs and ongoing costs and the future of fund can effectively support millions of today clients and support future generations in the shadow of calm and rationality.
Dr. Noorbakhsh stated: Social Security Organization is determined to continue its path to fulfil strategies, macro policies of welfare, improving the quality and quantity of services, development of ever-increasing customer satisfaction and winning the trust and sympathy of social partners by ignoring unimportant issues.   
   2016/7/16 07:57

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