HEGTA holds meeting for '100 Hotels, 100 Businesses' Seminar
The executive committee of the 100 Hotels, 100 Businesses Seminar held its fourth meeting to review the latest programs for holding the hotel show in Tehran on April 27.
At the beginning of the session, Dr. Mehdi Adiban, executive director of the 100 Hotels, 100 Businesses Seminar, reported the latest preparations for the event.
The workgroup of the seminar pointed out to various proposals made by governors and mayors, raising 20 priorities for investment in hotel industry in Iran.
Eight national regions have been mentioned as the priorities of investment in hotel-building, and they are to be declared as investment packages to the potential investors.
HEGTA Managing Director Dr. Ebrahim Bai Salami called for taking the opportunity of unique participation of the governors and mayors in tourism industry.
He added that the governors have announced appropriate lands for building hotels; thus, the workgroup must design the brochure of the seminar and lead potential foreign investors to invest in building hotels in provinces throughout the country.
The organizers of the seminar would take necessary measures to pave the way for participation of foreign investors in the 100 Hotels, 100 Businesses Seminar, which is set to be held in Tehran on May 29.
   2016/4/30 05:58

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