100 Hotels, 100 Businesses Project
The Tourism Holding of Social Security Organization (HEGTA) outlined the project of “100 Hotels, 100 Businesses” to make a better use of investment opportunities in Iranian tourism industry.
The project will include the constructing of 100 hotels with four and five stars in a bid to create a big chain of hotels in Iran.
The Tourism Holding is comprised of a chain of 60 three-star hotels in Iran in the current situation.
The Homa Hotel Group, which enjoys 40 years of experience in Iran, is also under the supervision of the Holding.
International companies active in building and owning hotels have greatly welcomed the project of “100 Hotels, 100 Businesses.” Some international companies have sent their representatives to kick off negotiations in order for collaborating in the massive project.
The first phase of the project is aimed at constructing 30 hotels in Iranian big cities and the rest 70 hotels are going to be built during other phases.
The HEGTA has started the work of locating proper lands to set up 100 hotels throughout Iran.
The Holding is also planning to hold the “Seminar of 100 Hotels, 100 Businesses” in Tehran on May 29, 2016.

   2016/4/16 14:24

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