Executive committee for 100 Hotels, 100 Businesses Seminar
The Tourism Holding of the Social Security Organization (known as HEGTA in Persian) established an executive committee to make preparations for the “100 Hotels, 100 Businesses Seminar.”
The executive committee, comprised of some managers and advisors of the Tourism Holding, has been formed in the presence of international investment experts at HEGTA headquarters in Tehran on April 12.
At the first meeting of the executive committee, Dr. Ebrahim Bai Salami, HEGTA Managing Director, underlined the need for giving an importance to tourism industry in line with the Supreme Leader’s emphasis on the necessity of economic development in the Iranian calendar Year of “Economy of Resistance; Action and Deed.
Stressing the importance of avoiding unnecessary expenditures for holding the Seminar, Dr. Salami said, “We all should do our best to alleviate shortages in terms of infrastructure of tourism sector in Iran.”
The Seminar of 100 Hotels, 100 Businesses is scheduled to be held in Tehran on May 29, 2016.

   2016/4/13 15:05

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