New Approaches to Iran Tourism Development
 Dr. Ebrahim Bai Salami
Managing Director of HEGTA
HEGTA mainly aims at improving the economic status and income of Social
Security Organization through developing tourism industry worldwide. HEGTA
believes in utilizing new approaches and being proactive. Through convergence,
synergy and concordance among all assets and companies belonging to the
Social Security Organization, as the largest non-governmental corporation,
HEGTA aims to develop and capitalize on tourism indust.
HEGTA Strategic Objectives
1. Qualitative and Quantitative Development in Hospitality Industry Nationwide
via Observing International Standards; to this end, the quality of the services
offered by Homa Hotels and by Iran Touring & Tourism Complex as well as others
such as Abadgaran and other hotels is enhanced and the national mega projects,
namely “100 Hotels, 100 Business”, will be implemented aiming to flourish hotel
construction and hospitality industries.
2. Qualitative and Quantitative Development of Tourism-based Transportation
Industry; hence giving way to the establishment of Tamin Airline in conjunction
with other airlines being operated internationally, beyond a run-of-the-mill West
Asia and the Middle East airline. The number and the quality of the trains and
railway system, for tourism purposes, will be enhanced and tourism-induced
shipping industry and marine tourism will be developed in Iran. There will also
be a considerable increase in the number of tourist buses and vehicles.
3. Human Resources Development and Training; Organizing the graduates,
utilizing the professional potentials of Iran, knowledge-based development and
establishing R &D center, proactivity, improving public culture and encouraging
cooperation of local communities to help developing tourism industry are
among the top priorities of the holding.
4. Taking An Economic Approach to Cultural Development via Utilizing Prominent
Elements of Iranian-Islamic Culture in all components of tourism industry, is the
main goal. Hence, by the time the tourists step inside Iran, they will experience
a different unique and Iranian atmosphere, will become familiar with Iran’s
traditions and customs as well as the prominent elements of Iranian culture,
architecture and art and will enjoy them.
HEGTA, thanks to the expertise in tourism industry and with a quite
professional approach, improves business schemes in its affiliated companies
via establishing a universally distinguished brand to increase value and synergy.
HEGTA will efficiently lead the tourism institutions and, both nationally and
internationally, cooperates with other companies and firms, providing a winwin
strategy for the partners.
Major Domains of Activity for HEGTA
1. Health Tourism: Social Security Organization owns 400 medical centers
and 70 hospitals across Iran and ranks number one in providing medicine. Most
private and state-run medical centers cooperate with the organization. Thanks
to such a huge potential, HEGTA is enabled to develop health tourism especially
medical tourism on a national scale.
2. Religious Tourism: HEGTA has numerous residential centers in such
religious cities as Mashhad, Qom, Shiraz, Isfahan and Yazd. It also owns RAJA Rail
Transportation Company. HEGTA, in addition to Islamic attractions, facilitates
visiting the holy places for the Zoroastrians, Jews and Christians. HEGTA also
organizes religious tours to the holy cities in Islamic countries such as Iraq.

   2015/12/22 14:24

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