• Peacock Mahdi Ahl Al Janna Peacock Mahdi Ahl Al Janna
    M. I think the author of this site for the launch of this site to learn more citizens with issues specific characteristics of Shiite messianism and my expression . And I hope a tiny proportion of expression and spreading superstitious heresies against the Baha'i religion tricks and have 12 imams . I announce the wayward Baha'i sect is nothing but terrorism and corruption and Bndbary . If you have comments also ask friends to raise the level of education they provide .  View more
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    Articles and religious Mbajs , Mourning born and photo gallery  View more
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    E- Rise , series script Imam Hussein ( AS) Encyclopedia rise and ...  View more
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    News of the lovers of the Quran and progeny ( Daralsqlyn )  View more

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