• The sun The sun
    Yalda in 83 years , " Sun" was born , and until today the stars of heaven shines Iranian media .  View more
  • Alam Alam
    At the same time international network Al-Alam in February 2003, US forces invaded Iraq and its news in Arabic and English into the country with the slogan speed , accuracy and precision began with the following objectives : Rapid and transparent notification of events and political developments in the region and the world Reviews the historical roots of Muslim problems and ways out of it  View more
    Iranian Agriculture News Agency  View more
  • Aetna Aetna
    Internet , beyond a scientific product or a technology achievement , are now so generalized that gradually becomes an instrument of information and culture , into a "media" . Young and dynamic in our society that Drashnayy first steps with the technology to pass through,  View more
    IQNA , a window to the spiritual world. History: The first and largest specialized Quran news agency in the Islamic world as the Iranian Quran News Agency (Iranian Quran News Agency) with the acronym «IQNA» is known  View more

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