• Iranica Iranica
    Encyclopedia of Iran by Center for Iranian Studies at Columbia University, America prepared .  View more
  • Islamic Encyclopedia Foundation Islamic Encyclopedia Foundation
    Compiling and publishing a collection of various articles of Islamic Science and Technology subject, either alphabetically or in Persian Encyclopaedia Islamica Foundation , a non-profit organization whose main purpose is to edit and publish the Encyclopedia of the Islamic world.  View more
  • Iranian Space Encyclopedia Iranian Space Encyclopedia
    Space Encyclopedia , a comprehensive encyclopaedic topics , phrases , vocabulary and biographies of different personalities related to the space ( Space Science and Technology ). The Encyclopedia of the Iranian Space Agency in order to create a credible base for professors, researchers , students interested in science and space technology has been launched .  View more
  • Information Reference Book Information Reference Book
    Directory information - Weather - database of organizations and institutions , information - Notification - database of buildings and facilities - Database informatics and communications - phone calls necessary - Jobs  View more
  • Persian Wikipedia Persian Wikipedia
    Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia universal and free , which means that anyone can write and edit articles in it. Of course this writing and editing Wikipedia articles of association are in accordance with , the contents are written objectively and without trampling on the rights of others .  View more

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