How to extend the scope of the budget by December thinker like?
To renew your domain name into the order form and send it to December thinker .
Is Azar thinker for all domains, control panels for domain gives its customers ?
Yes - Azar thinker for all domains, domain for providing its customers with the control panel .
Control Panel puts range of possibilities at your disposal ?
Possible changes in the specifications of domain registrar ( domain ir not allowed )
Ability to change the Domain Name servers hosting account to refer
Ability to create custom DNS you just and
The possibility of locking the domain, to prevent the intentional transmission Domain Who is registered ?
This domain is for those who are now officially in the Companies Registration Office and is registered with the Official Aray ad .
What is web hosting ?
Web hosting and web hosting in terms of allocating some space on the World Wide Web is a specific set of circumstances and conditions . This space belongs to you is that by all people from all over the world and is available via the Internet .
What is broadband ?
The amount of information that is exchanged your site is called bandwidth .have .
What is a web space ?
Web space, space originally allocated to any site within the drive is a server on the Internet . You can download files , pictures, or generally anything your favorite place in this space .
What is the difference between Windows hosting and Linux hosting ?
The difference between the two services is that their operating systems are installed on the server . Linux server is a Linux operating system and Apache web server . PHP and PERL Linux servers as well as applications support . While Windows services that are running Windows IIS web server they are . Windows Server for users of programs or ASP .NET and MSSQL database used by many applications .
In general, Linux servers are more stable , and if you 're not using ASP.NET language on your site , it is recommended to choose your hosting Linux .
Linux and Windows servers What is your suggestion ?
If you have not used special programming on your site and your site static ( pages HTML) is our proposal servers is Linux. Linux servers because of the simplicity of working with them (User Friendly) as well as security and more power than other servers is a better choice .
Do you use Linux , you must have Linux on your computer ?
Some people think that to use Linux servers have Linux operating system installed on your computer . This hypothesis is wrong 100 % of users with any operating system can easily use Linux hosting services .
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